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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biebels goes Hybrid

My first Hybrid project (and one of the few times I touched glue and scissors since I switched to digiscrapping): a box for my sister's birthday.

I used the soapbox template from this site:, turned it into a template in Photoshop and personalized is with bits from AwesomeAugust and a baby-pic of my sister.

This is what I created in Photoshop, and I printed it on heavy paper.

Then I glued (I ran out of tape...) the paper on another peace of patterned paper, and cut the whole thing out.

I folded the box, made holes in the front and put a ribbon through for closure. Finished and ready to fill with ... money ;) (I ran out of sweets too...)


Cra-Z-cat said...

awww.. that's really cute and a wonderful gift idea.. sure she will love it.. her pic is so cute too!!!

Jaya said...

Very cute gift idea!!!