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Friday, August 8, 2008

busy bee

No freebies today, because I've been realy busy. Monday my 'normal' job (LOL) starts, and I have to get my classroom ready for 26 (!) 4-5-6 year-olds. That hasn't kept me from designing, but I've been creating things for some collabs, so there's nothing I can show you right now. Also, I've been joining another contest (check the KJoi-blinkie on the left), but I can't tell you anything about that either... We're all numbers there, and I can't do nothing that would reveal my identity. There's one thing you can do though: go to the forum/gallery/shop (click on the blinkie) and vote for your favorite. It might be me, it might be someone else, but your vote counts either way. August 13th our entries will be revealed (and when the contest is over I'll share with you what I created).
Oh, by the way: did I mention our entries will be given away as FREEBIES? Yeah, I still can give away something :D


Amanda said...

Wow! I didn't know you were a teacher too! WOW! 4-5-6 year olds?? you must have a lot of patience....I just can't handle students under 10 yrs old.

Lien said...

Jij moet maandag alweer aan het werk?
Phew, je zult wel je handen vol hebben met zo'n grote klas !
Voor mij begint het 1 september opnieuw.
Veel succes tijdens je eerste werkdag en veel plezier !