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Friday, October 17, 2008

KJoi contest 'the reveal'

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Finally I can give away my secret KJoi identity! For the past few weeks, I've called myself 24864A in the KJoi designer search. (you may remember me as the rubber ducky)
I've sent in 4 assignments to see if I was good enough to be on the KJoi design-team. It was so exciting, and so fun, but also very hard. I had to design in styles I never even heard of, and styles that didn't fit me very well.

Wanna see what I did? Check out my previews!

The first week I had to create a shabby /altered style alpha. I didn't know what that meant, but after some explaination, this is what I came up with. I like it so much, I'm thinking of selling it!

For the second week I had to design in the 'other-category' in the fantasy style. OMG this was so hard!!! Not my style, AND no paper, no element, no alpha, just 'other'... I came up with these butterfly brushes, but when I saw everyone elses entry, I thought: Why didn't I come up with that?

The third week was fun, the colors brought my mojo right back! I had to do elements, not my favorite and they normally take a lot of time, but this time I had 10 (the max) in no time!

For the last week we we're given colors that didn't 'speak' to me... I just couldn't decide on a theme, and just started browsing some images to turn into brushes. And then I stumbled upon this lovely 'black capped chickedee' (or as we Dutchies call it: koolmeesje). THAT'S IT! And again, my papers were finished in no time.

And then we had to wait, wait and wait some more. The hardest part in this contest, if you ask me! Will I make the team or not, I kept checking my mail to see if the judgements were in yet...

Well, good for you to read all the way through here! You were here for the bloghop-freebie, weren't you? Well here is it: since I liked the colors in week 3 that much, I decided to make a paperpack to go along with the elements I created that week. Enjoy!
I want to thank Kara (KJoi's owner) and the other contestants (crazy animals :P) for the lovely weeks we had! This is it for now, 24864A signing off...

P.S. I will ad the links to the other contestants (and their freebies) later, since I have to go to work now!!
P.S.2 this is what we have so far, more to come!

21206D-Lizard Dau Designs


21879D-Digidesigns By Amberbaz

22181A-April Dawn Creations

22342B-Camillas Kitchen



22896B-Lori Imel

23494D-Cancer Moon Creations

24301D-KatLen Kreations

24588B-Belanna At Odds

24789C-SandEz Creationz

22978D-Schappys Design

22170C-Panda Bear Designs

22660-Stacy Smileys

24074A-Tripalee Designs

by God's design


Cra-Z-cat said...

aaaaahhhhh, haaaaaa.. i spyed you!! i wasn't absolutely sure, but you were in one of my guesses!! i must have a keen eye! thanks for the paper pack to accompany the elements that i had already downloaded!!

schappy said...

hello bianca,

nice to meet you, too. ;o)
i'm cookie - 22978D - schappys design - m_schappy

hugs maren

mITSYBELLE said...

Hi there Ducky, nice to finally meet you, I fixed your link on my blog for the hop :) Lil Monkey

Oase said...

Hello there, Nice to visit your blog and meet you. I'm Debbie Reynolds LOL
Oase from Panda Bear Designs

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bianca for making the team. I am so glad to see all your hard work paid off. It was amazing watching you all grow in your designing skills week by week and I look forward to working with you.

KatLen Kreations said...

be seeing ya!
the crazy goat

Pamela said...

Congratulations on being K-Joi's newest designer!!!! I'm so happy for you. Ya'll's kits were just AWESOME and this Collab kit is just too cool!! I can't wait to play with it. Wonderful Job!! I blogged about you ladies today: