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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Maryse!!

O you, silly you! I could smack myself on the forehead!! I should have let you fill in some kind of application form when you signed up to be my CT member. Then I could have asked you when you're birthday was!! Now I just found out by visiting your blog after a very busy workday, I feel so stupid! But, I'm totally making up for it. Because you already get everything from my store, I had to pick another birthday present for you. I hope you'll like it! Expect some mail from me LOL

And this is for you: mwah mwah mwah (3 Dutch birthday kisses) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
(all visitors: click on the b-day card to send your best wishes to Maryse on her blog!)


Maryse said...

Oh,thank you so much Bianca!!!You are so kind and cute :))Very clever your little bird ;p

Cra-Z-cat said...

very cute card u've made.. like how u've placed that birdie w/ the branches.. i've popped over to maryse's blog w/ greetings!!