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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ok, neeeeeeext

Yes, another kit, what else can I say? I hate winter, but I love blue. As I was playing around with some overlays and blue, I created this wintery kit. My feet are cold as I'm typing this, I have a blanket around my shoulders and I really want to go to my warm bed with a good book, but I have to show you this!

I do hope I can snap some wintery pictures of Leonie to go with this kit, winters don't do well in the Netherlands... (or they do so... in MARCH! when everyone is waiting for spring)

This kit is available at GroovyScraps - DigitalPaperHearts - ScrapKitten

And then I have this to show you: 2 LO's made by IntenseMagic (CT at GroovyScraps). These are created with Whispers of Winter. Images are linked, so you can leave her some love!

Thanks Jan, they're amazing!!

1 comment:

Maryse said...

I think you will dream in blue tonight :)
Love your new kit :)