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Saturday, December 13, 2008

wow mega-mojo!

I finished another kit!! It is a total remake of the paperpack Chickadee, I turned it in as a 4th assignment in the KJoi contest. Well, the only things that are the same, are the swatch, the name, and the chickadee in one of the papers LOL! That is what you call a TOTAL remake ;)

I uploaded this kit and the BerryJam kit today, while doing a thousand other things. I hope I did it all ok, and that I didn't miss a step...
Remember: My GroovyScraps store and my ScrapKitten store are still on a -40% sale!! I haven't figured out how to handle the sales... so make sure you look for the best prices first!!!
I had a one-kit CT-call for the BerryJam kit, remember? Two people applied, but I hope that is because of the holiday madness ;) I'll have a proper CT-call when all the fuzz is over! (but of course, you can always send me LO's with any freebies, I would love that! biebels1 [at] gmail [dot] com)
Melle - BerryJam
Melle - BerryJam

Melanie - BerryJam and modified template 253 by Andrea Gold (image is linked to gallery)
And this is my own LO, I used it in the Template Challenge at DPH by ScrapShane. Like the template, get it there!

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Maryse said...

Oh my God!!!Your kits are more beautiful each time!!!Love this one!!!
Nice pages :)