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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hold on tight, product flush!

This product (or should I say productS) has been sitting on my EHD for weeks, waiting for the finishing touch. It's after midnight in my time-zone, but I finally managed to get everything in Zen at both stores, and uploaded properly, so it's time to share with you!!

This full kit is created with all the colors of the rainbow, and it's perfect for you Project365 layouts!
available at DigitalPaperHearts - GroovyScraps

You could also buy just the papers, they will match with anything! The papers are all solid, with 7 colors, but they all have different textures.
available at DigitalPaperHearts - GroovyScraps

Use this WordArt pack to finish your layouts about the weather (if there's nothing else to talk ... uhm, scrap about ;))

CU styles with all colors of the rainbow (and black) and polka dots!
available at DigitalPaperHearts - GroovyScraps
Again a set of CU styles, this time transparent.
A alpha set with 4 alpha's in red, green, blue and black (transparent!)
A date pack to date your Project365 lo's! Again in 4 colors (so it matches the drop alpha)


Maryse said...

Love the bright colors!!!!What a good job you have made :))

Janine said...

The colors are awesome!!!
What a fun kit!

Laura said...

WOW! fab new kit! :D