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Sunday, March 15, 2009


First: I think I'm finding back my mojo *yay*! I have designed and scrapped with the pictures of Leonie's new bed, and it's turning into a colorful kit :D The journaling on the LO (sneakpeek LOL) is in Dutch, it says something like: sleeping in her new bed went really well! She woke up at 5.30, crying, cause she had a bad dream about a dragon. She didn't know where she were and was shivering, poor girl! I managed to calm her down without taking her out of bed, and at 6 she was ready to sleep again. We woke up again at 8, and she was already at our door. She climbed out of bed herself! (she is not a monkey kid, never was either, so this was an achievement LOL)

Well, you now know the colors of the new kit! I plan to finish it by Tuesday, so check back then!

Then... there's a new service in store! You may or may not know that I am a teacher, and therefore I love the teach. O wait, it's the other way around of course: I love to teach, and therefore I am a teacher! :D I recently scrapped with a new designers kit, and asked her if I could comment on the kit. I did so, checked the kit real quick and wrote her back my findings. She was happy, and I liked doing it! Soooo, why not doing that more often?
I now offer a Quality Check Service, I will check your kits, write a report on it, and offer you a Quality Checked Stamp if everything is ok. I will explain what I think is wrong, and I will blog about your kit if it has received it's stamp.

You can read more about this service in the store description. Someone already asked if I can arrange a 'monthly subscription' for this, and the answer is yes. Just shoot me an e-mail (contact info is at the bottom of my blog) and we'll talk about it! If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail as well ;)

available at Digital Paper Hearts - GroovyScraps

There's a sale coming up at GroovyScraps: Kiss me, I'm Irish! It will contain a lot of fun products, I included some of my latest kits... for just $1! Only from March 16 till March 18, so hurry!


Jaya said...

WOW!!! Bianca, this is a fantastic service you have started... i am sure you will be swamped with kits for QC.. I remember QCing for Farheen well, that was long ago.. I will be using you in this matter i think. Hugs Jaya

Jaya said...

Okay, i just blogged about it on my blog.

Cra-Z-cat said...

o what a sweet lo of ur daughter.. great memory page.. love the blending of her pic in the bg.. the new kit looks lovely too.. thanks for the sneak peak!!