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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have a party!!

Woohooo, I finished another kit! Ok, it´s ´just´ a mini, but I think it looks nice, the colors are yum ;) I picked them from The Enabler, the newsletter at DigitalScrapAddicts. The theme was Mad Hatters Tea Party (had to look that one up, but of course I know the scene from Alice in Wonderland!), and that was my inspiration. I had a lot of fun drawing the lampions (ok, I have NO idea if that's English, but that's how we call them... anyone want to educate me on this?), and the alpha was fun to create too!

Since it's 'just' a mini, it's available for just $2.99. But I think lots of you are waiting for the big-bang-sales at NSD? Well, you should ;) Then you can pick the kit up here, for a lot less! (hey, I'm not great at selling myself, right? LOL)

The alpha-set (this time I even included all the special characters, like á ü è etc) is available at Digital Paper Hearts for $2.49.

Then there's this!! I completely forgot to tell you about the collab I did with Shari aka Doohikey Designs! You remember the cute little boy kit we did, called Baby Lizard? Well, we decided we needed a girly version too, called Baby Gracie. Her she is!

This is a biggie, let me tell you, please click the image to check the contents in the store!

And there is another collab coming soon ... with another Digital Paper Hearts designer. No, not telling anything, not revealing anything, just promise to be back at NSD!!

1 comment:

Jaya said...

Beautiful mini Bianca!!! and you said you lost your mojo!!! I think they call it lanterns (I am not sure, but that is what we call in India) Love the alpha too.. cute!!