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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time sure flies!

My gosh, has it really been 1 year already!!?? Look at what I've achieved this last year:

June 14 2008 - first freebie
July 22 2008 - first store Scrappy Thoughts
July 29 2008 - first designer challenge at Funky Playground
July 31 2008 - second store Scrapping Whispers
August 8 2008 - second designer challenge at KJoi Studios
October 17 2008 - third store KJoi Studios
October 21 2008 - fourth store Groovy Scraps
October 25 2008 - third designer challenge at Sunshine Studio Scraps
November 8 2008 - fifth store Digital Paper Hearts
December 3 2008 - sixth store ScrapKitten
January 26 2009 - changing my designer name from BiebelsScraps to Project B Designs
February 17 2009 - co-owner of Digital Paper Hearts
February 23 2009 - seventh store
March 10 2009 - fourth designer challenge at ScrapMatters
May 3 2009 - fifth designer challenge at Digital Scrap Addict
May 12 2009 - my first real CT call
June 1 2009 - eighth store Scrapable

And that's where I am now! Boy oh boy, have I come a long way LOL. My first freebies are still on this blog, so if you're interested ;) I'm NOT going to show them myself!!

But a design-eversary wouldn't be complete without a party, right?

If you have trouble reading the add, here's what you can do:
1. go through my store
2. pick your favorite product (any product ;))
3. list it at DST - DSA - Scrapable
4. check back at June 18th (gives me some time, you know, timezones, and stuff) to see if you WON!


mITSYBELLE said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary :)

Kimgw74 said...

Happy Happy 1 Year Anniversary to you B!!!!

vixen said...

i love how in that one year we can see the growth from your work, braving the contests and all =) can't wait to see what you can make by the next year

thanks for the chance to win!

I haven't gone through your store yet lately but I do recall something I really fancied - the one with the monkey, Baby Gracie!

I'm rambling now and being a bore
Let me go and look through your store
I'll post as vixendeity and tell you my fave
Hoping for a free kit from a designer I rave

OMG hahaha I'm so lame. Just one of those days.. =)

Laura said...

congrats on one year! :)