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Saturday, July 25, 2009

B-day party tomorrow!!!

I'm turning 29 tomorrow! I more year till the big 3-0, so I'll enjoy it ;) I wish the weather was better her in Holland, I would invite you to a b-day bbq, but it's raining cats and dogs here... Ugh!
So, in stead of letting you all fly to The Netherlands, I came up with something else! From tomorrow on, I will have a special celebration on my blog. I won't tell you everything, just check back daily, leave comments (that is important, cause I'm picking winners from the commentors on Saturday!) and read the ads to see what you have to do in order to win additional things!
If you're more of a shopper then a party person, this celebration is worth it for you too. Everyday I'm marking another item in my store down 29%! So check back every day in my store too!!


Janine said...

That sounds like fun!!!

kicksmom said...

Happy Birthday! Will be checking back...sounds like fun!

amy! said...

How fun! great idea!
Big Birthday wishes for ya Bianca!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday Bianca! It looks like it going to be a fun filled week! Hope you have a great birthday :)