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Monday, July 27, 2009

Play the gaMe Monday

My b-day was fantastic!! My boyfriend got me a Wacom Bamboo Fun *whoooohooooo!* and a VERY PRETTY ring. You can expect some cool doodles from me in the future ;)

It's game time! Read the questions, puzzle a bit and gather all the letters you need. If you have answered all questions, you know what the 'perfect age' is! Send that in an e-mail to and one lucky winner will receive a $10 coupon to my store!

Ok, so you need to check my store for answers ;)

1. Jump in the tub, cause the water is nice and hot. Don't forget to bring soap! (2nd word - 1st letter)
2. You know I'm pregnant right? And you know I'm having a boy too? (2nd word - 1st letter)
3. The perfect kit for taking pictures (and scrapping them, off course!) (6th letter)
4. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, you name it! (1st word - 2nd letter)
5. Find the magic in everyday moments, and scrap those memories! (1st word - 2nd letter)
6. It's raining cats and dogs here, I'm waiting for the sun to shine! (1st word - 4th letter)
7. I want sun, cause I'm planning a special party! (1st word - 3rd letter)
8. Just some smart talk to add to your layout (1st word - 5th letter)
9. In my belly, but just one, not two! (2nd word - 1st letter)
10. Always shoot for the moon, if you miss, you will at least be among the stars (2nd word - 2nd letter)
11. Don't fall asleep, but if you do, sweet dreams! (1st word - 3rd letter)
12. Crazy little thing, I feel like dancing to this song! (2nd word - 5th letter)
Now remember: don't answer this question in the comments ;)
Oh, and today's -29% item is...


Amanda said...

Sent you an email with my answer :) thanks for the chance to win and happy birthday!!! YAY for the Wacom Bamboo Fun and ring!!!

amy! said...

to fun Bianca! thanks for the fun and the chance to win! I also sent my answer in!

KajunKJ said...

I sent you an email...hope you are enjoying your birthday goodies!

Christie's Digi World said...

so fun about to send you an email

mmarti2564 said...

Fun game!