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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Talents Thursday

I devoted this day to talents, in general! It doesn't have to be scrap related, just tell me what your talent is, and have a chance to win your favorite kit! Everybody's got something to be good at ;)
Designers, be sure to check this thread at DST, cause I'm giving away my super-overlay-bundle to one lucky winner!

Today's -29% item is:

Funky Daydreams!


mmarti2564 said...

I am actually good at crafts ~ of all sorts. I can crochet everything from doilies to ornaments to full-size afghans and everything in between. I do paper crafts of all sorts, but especially Christmas ornaments.
Haha, so after all that, I haven't touched the stuff since I found digi scrappin' Hmmmm

jlynn said...

I like to work with stained glass and have made a few panels, and a butterfly! I don't really have room in the house we have right now because we don't have a garage, and hubby didn't care for the idea of me having glass shards all over the craft room..I have no idea why!!! *evil grin*!!!

I am so loving your birthday week, I hope you are having as great a time as we all are Bianca!!! Thanks so much!!! Jana

amy! said...

this is so fun Bianca, What a great've planned a great week of goodies!

I'd like to say I'm talented..but haven't played to much since my addiction to digi..but I like making Holiday crafts..for every holiday..I also like to draw..not as good as I use to be..but I think its still in there somewhere ;)