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Saturday, August 8, 2009

I scrapped!

I did a lot of scrapping this summer break, too much to show you (and I don't want to bore you LOL). I scrapped a babybook for my nephew using only my own stuff. For Leonies book I rarely use my own stuff! I use other designers stuff in scrapping to inspire me. So this was a double challenge, cause I have never scrapped for someone else before. But I think it turned out pretty nice! I just have to let the parents tell me some stories to journal, and then it's done!

Yesterday I got pointed to a new-to-me blog, with a new-to-me designer. I picked up some lovely freebies, and today she posted a challenge on her blog. Since I love her style, I just had to try it! Here's what I did:
I journaled about what I learned from working with children and seeing Leonie grow up. I really believe that with the right environement children are able to educate themselves by experimenting a lot. I've learned this from teaching (specially 4-5-6 year olds), and this believe has grown stronger now that I can watch Leonie educate herself. I totally love watching her!!
On Thursday I participated in a SpeedScrap at Scrapable, hosted by the lovely Lindsay aka Spinky Dink Scraps. I joined the chat at step #6 or something... darn timezones! But I managed to get something done by the end of the SS, so I was proud of myself ;)
I used a kit I designed, but it will not be released yet. Hehehe, sneaky peeky!
This journaling is about our summer break. As soon as it started, Leonie stated she wanted to go to 'the beach'. This is funny, cause she has never seen a real beach in her life, so where did she get that idea? To celebrate the start of summer break, we took her to a swimming pool for the first time in her life. She got to pick her own swimming shorts, I showed her some lovely pink, girly ones with flowers, but she picked this one, blue shorts with Miffy LOL. She totally loved going to the pool, but after this day the summer weather was over in The Netherlands. Until this week! So yesterday we took her again, to the same pool. We had a lovely time!
Only one more week, and then my work starts again. Leonie will go back to preschool (she goes there one morning and one afternoon per week) and to the babysitter (she goes there 2 days a week), and our lives will turn back to normal. I only have to work 9 weeks till my pregnancy leave starts, so I think time will go really fast!
Ok, enough blabla, please visit Three Paper Peonies blog and leave her some love when you download her goodies. If you like the style of the layout, you will love her stuff!

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Jaime said...

Oh I just LOVE this! The curved paper on the side is great, and you placed all of the elements so perfectly! The journaling is fantastic- yes, I too am a fan of letting children explore the world around them and figure things out on their own =) Great job! I'm so glad you are enjoying my designs!