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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween?

Well, not us, since we don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands. We do have something very similar in parts of our country, where we create lanterns and walk around in the neighbourhood singing songs about St. Martin and collect yummies :) It's November 11th though, and it will be the first time Leonie will walk with her own lantern! She already started working on it at school.

But, here's something fun:

30% off entire store Friday and Saturday, October 30 - 31st!
Starting Friday, come FIND the MUMMY!
Monsters, goblins, and witches will be out to trick you on this Friday and Saturday Night! Come find the mummy for some yummy treats or...will you be tricked?
Come to Scrapable this night!
Starting Friday - Saturday you will havea chance to find Mummy's!
More details will be announced here, coming soon!

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