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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrating today

For two reasons: first, we celebrate Sint Maarten in parts of The Netherlands. Children craft a lantarn and when it's dark they go by the neighborhood houses to sing songs. When they do, they get a treat. Leonie crafted a beautiful spider lantarn, and she can't wait to 'march' by the houses, as she calls it. It will be her first time tonight! (as a teacher this holiday means something totally different, because we have to get the children to get their lantarns ready in time LOL. But this year was one of the first times I didn't have to think about it, cause I'm on maternity leave!!)

And the second reason to celebrate: it's Wipe Out Wednesday at Scrapable today!! That means you can get lots of goodies for only $1 a piece. If you have any money left after DSD, come and search the store to see what you can get. Here's what I have marked down, because I'm in a good mood :)
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