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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

new store

Ow yes, can I handle this? *yes she can*

Another store accepted me, ScrapKitten. I am so glad, working for 4 shops will mean 'getting busy', but it's so much fun! Be aware of FOUR collab kits next month LOL (omg, I have to start RIGHT NOW!)

To celebrate my opening there, I put my store on sale for 40% off. Don't you just love sales when your monthly budget is almost gone? If you are looking for some last-minute items, take a look here!

I also added a new product (as I did to my other stores): a pack of magnetic dates (remember the magnetic poetry that was inside my FirstGlance kit? I even did a Dutch set, to please all my Dutch co-scrappers ;)).

available at DPH - GroovyScraps - KJoi - ScrapKitten

Btw: THANKS for all the lovely comments on my last freebie! I had a hilarious e-mail conversation with the girl that wondered why I knew the flag of Suriname. We ended up talking in Dutch, because The Netherlands en Suriname have a strong relationship ;) It's so much fun to meet and be able to talk to people all over the world!! Specially because talking in real live is hard for me now, since I have a throat infection :( and that a week after my operation! It's not fair...

1 comment:

Cra-Z-cat said...

OMG.. girl, ur a busy one.. that operation isn't keeping u down!! congrats on the new store.. wishing i woulda visited one to grab a couple of newbies b4 i came to work, but just didn't have the umph.. hopin to get that spunk back soon tho..

take care