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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Special Day

Tomorrow (that is December 5th, uhh.... which starts in 3 minutes for me!) is a very special day. In the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas, that means PRESENTS! In the night, when it is getting dark, the Black Petes will go by the doors and walk the rooftops to deliver bags full of gifts. We hope Sinterklaas comes by our door to, so we can unpack :D

At GroovyScraps we have a different special day, it is $1-day tomorrow! I just picked my stuff, 3 kits for $1 each, but you will have to wait till it's Dec 5th in GroovyScraps time ;)
To tease you: here's what you can get for a steal tomorrow!
A Simple Fact (click preview to see it in store)
Blocked Doodles CU (click preview to see it in store)

Cozy Christmas (click preview to see it in store)
Well, check back tomorrow, I may have a freebie for you, since it is a special day!! Ow, and don't forget to check the daily download!!

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