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Saturday, July 18, 2009

One kit call!

I have finished another kit, called Captured. Although I have a perfectly fine CT (those girls are GREAT, they gave me wonderful feedback! MWAH!), I wanted to do a one-kit-call with it, to see what other people would do with this kit. I think it is a slightly different style then I'm used to, like someone said to me: this pregnancy gets my creative juices flowing!!

Ow, btw (reallllly off topic, hope you don't mind!): have I told you the sex of our little babe-in-belly yet? We're going to have a BOY! We are soooo happy! Of course the most important thing is that the ultrasound didn't show anything unusual, all the things were in the right place, everything was working perfectly fine. And then we found out our girl is going to be a big sister to a BOY! I bought the first blue babyclothes today, and cleaned out Leonie's closet: 3 boxes of pink clothes to the attic ;)

Ok, back to business LOL Here's the kit! (and a word-art pack to match)

And here's what I posted at DST:
I am looking for a few people to scrap at least 1 LO or project with my soon-to-be-released kit Captured. If you can see yourself working with this kit and word-art pack, then please e-mail me (biebels1 at gmail dot com) or PM me with a link to your gallery and/or blog, and I'll get back to you asap! (give me some time, cause I'm probably in another timezone )
the basics:
* create at least 1 LO or hybrid project
* upload to DST, Scrapable and 1 gallery of your choice OR your blog
* let me show off your work on my own blog
* be done by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, so I can release the kit on Wednesday
* have fun!!
So, if you're in to it, let me know!! If you like the kit but don't have time to scrap yet, I'm planning on releasing this kit on Wednesday, and you know what kind of day that is at Scrapable, right? *wink wink*

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amy! said...

yay! congrats on the news..yay! baby boys are great! You have a perfect lil family...big sis, lil brother!