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Friday, September 25, 2009

Colour Splash!

At Sunshine Studio Scraps it's time for another Colour Splash! What does this mean? Well, a bunch of designers got together, used the same swatch and created all kinds of goodies for you to grab. The beauty of it is that you can mix 'n match, grab different pieces (for a small price) and create your own megakit!
So, here's what I have in store for you (images are linked):

3 different paperpacks

an alpha
And since the colours reminded us of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (in October), I decided to throw in a themed element pack too:

I am lucky enough to say I have not encountered breast cancer in my life (in my family or close-by), but it is a very important issue, hence the name of all my stuff: Be Aware. Off course you can use the alpha and the paperpacks for totally different projects, and even this elementpack leaves you lots of room to use it on whatever you like. Make sure you check out the other Colour Splash items too!!
Check back tomorrow for a new kit and a blogtrain!!

1 comment:

janie in MN said...

beautiful kit! love the color combinations :-)