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Monday, October 26, 2009

Nesting :)

My due date is getting closer and closer, my pregnancy leave has started, so I'm getting ready to have this baby. I have been nesting this entire pregnancy, which actually was a good thing if you knew I'm not that much of a 'Fly lady' if you know what I mean... So let's hope I have taught myself some good things I can keep up with after delivery LOL!

I'm already working hard to get some stock kits, so you won't have to miss me when I'm taking some time off :) Don't worry!! To make room in my store, specially my Scrapable store, since that is the fullest, I'm having a sale. A BIG one, if I may say so!!

For those who can't see the ad: I've put over 30 products (kits, alphas, CU items) on a -50% sale! Most of them will never see daylight again after this sale ends on November 5th, so this is your last chance to grab them. All of these are exclusive to Scrapable, so click here to SHOP!

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