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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

Yay, it's another SUNny Sunday over at Sunshine Studio Scraps! I decided to put all my kits down to $2, so go ahead and grab what you like!! TODAY ONLY!

Here's what you can get:
And off course my 2 latest kits:

And now I have another question for you. My dear sweet boyfriend wants to buy me a brandnew iMac, the 27 inch one :) But the point is: I am and have always been a Windows pc user. My only memories of a Macintosh (way back in the days LOL) are bad ones: everything looked different... So, what I want to know is: who has made the switch from Windows pc to iMac and survived? LOL Let me know what your experiences with Mac are!

1 comment:

Janarae said...

Hey B My son got an mac for school and he LOVES it. According to him pc's are no good. silly boy. Sorry I can't be of more help to you.

Hugs Jana