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Monday, November 30, 2009

Room to Relax (Nov Surfs Up)

Happy Cyber Monday! LOL, I didn't even know it excisted, and had to google it to find out what it was. Well, to me it is the last day of my -50% Thanksgiving SALE, so make sure you grab the goods while you can!! Oh, and it is also the last day of November, so we are likely to have ourselves a December child... since this little fellow is still INSIDE ME! I'm soooo fed up right now, sooo done with being pregnant. I just keep telling myself it can't be long now. In the Netherlands pregnancies can last up to 42 weeks before action is taken, so just a few more days for me... December 2nd is full moon, so maybe that will be the day. Otherwise it can be December 5th, the day we celebrate Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas, kinda related to Santa Claus). We'll see... we'll see...
Ok, enough blabbering, here's what I wanted to show you!

(images are linked)
This is what I created for Novembers Surf's Up at Scrapable! The next few days you can pick up these and other packs for just $1 each, so you can create your own (mega)kit. Mix 'n Match is the key!! Thanks for looking, and I'll be back in the very near future with news (not only babynews, I hope, but also store-news hehehe. Wait, if you guess what I'm talking about, I'll RAK you your favorite kit, how about that? Just leave a comment here!)

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