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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Broken nights and new releases

With a very awake baby that uhm... likes my boobies, so to say, I begin to feel the effect of very little sleep. The fact that it's winter, freezing cold and snowy (heck, they even hope we can have an Elfstedentocht this year!) isn't helping much, and I've reached the state where I begin to feel sorry for myself. Ugh, I hate that!! Whenever baby is sleeping during the day, he is in the ringsling, and I can hardly lay down to catch some sleep myself. Ah well, it will get better, eventually, right?

What else did this week bring me? Well, I finally figured out how to let Facebook work for me, and guess what, I already have more than 100 fans on my page! I'm kinda addicted to Farmville, even found a small version of the game for my iPhone. Oh yeah, I got a NEW iPhone!! Dear sweet hubby bought me one :)

On to this weeks new releases! (remember: the new releases are on -30% during this weekend!)

Messy Blocks, a set of 7 templates (great to use in P365 or P52!) *available at SUN - SDD *

Lucky #7, another template pack, this time with room for 7 pics *available at SUN - SDD *

In case anyone LIKES winter LOL, here are 5 alphas to match your pages *available at SUN - SDD *

Here's some CT inspiration:

(kits used: Colorful Memories, As we Look Back, Frozen Days and Last train to Paris)

This fun LO was created by Angie with a Lucky #7 template and the SUN grabbag Bubblegum Fun.

I created a LO with this grabbag myself, and I love it if I can say so myself!

Thanks for looking! Check back soon for a sneak peek at the kit I will release next weekend, or drop by my personal Facebook page to say hi :)

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