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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lots to show you

Ok, hang on tight, this post will contain lots of images! First of all: I don't know about you, but I am so happy the Olympics finally started! I am a fan of speedskating (since that is what Dutch people do best LOL), and I'm very anxious to see how many medals our athletes will bring home! I even watched the opening ceremonies... at 3 AM my time! Yeah, Julian was awake... so I got to watch it live :) I thought about handing out RAKs for every medal 'we' win, but I'm affraid there will be many hehehe. Tonight is the first chance for 'us' to win a medal, so maybe I'll decide to hand out something!
Second of all: I finally got hubby (weird that I call him hubby, since we're not technically married LOL) to help me with getting my own domain! So now I can go ahead and tweek my new Wordpress blog (yeah, I'm making a switch: Blogger to Wordpress ... yikes!) and soon it will go live! Watch this blog for an announcement!
Ok, now on to the new products I have on sale this weekend!!

Here's my new kit: Revive. The swatch was suggested by Blondy, a CT member at SDD, and she wanted to have a spring kit with it. Well, this is what she got! I had so much fun making it, cause I am ... uhm... no big fan of winter LOL. And winter we have... lots of it! Bring on the spring! This kit is on a 30% sale this weekend at SUN, so be sure to grab it! Fast!
Here's some CT inspiration (and check out the new CT members, they'll be properly introduced on the new site, I promise!)

On to the next event: Birds of a Feather weekend at SDD! Many designers got together, used the same swatch (ain't it pretty for Valentines?) and created small packs of goodies, all available for $1 each! BUT, you can only grab them for this special price THIS WEEKEND! So head on over to SDD, and check out all the packs out there! This is what I have:

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